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David Vs Goliath Podcast features some of the top small business CEO’s stories of how they where able to leverage technology or other secrets to not only compete with their big competitors but actually win! In this fun and entertaining format your host Adam DeGraide will keep it interesting, educational and practical. This is a must view podcast for any existing or aspiring entrepreneur who has the desire to FIND, SERVE & KEEP more customers….PROFITABLY.

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Episodes encompass practical and entertaining discussions with some of the nation’s most successful small business owners. These leaders will discuss emerging industry trends, top strategies in digital marketing, and constructive management techniques that have fueled their businesses and given them the competitive edge to compete and win against their larger competitors. Learn from the experts to discover the secrets to success and the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to growing all aspects of your business. In each episode Adam will cover the 5 “smooth stones” that every business needs to have to slay their respective Goliath in their industry. These five areas are…Plans, People, Tools, Process and Courage. We will hear directly from business owners, just like you, on their struggles and successes in their journey to not only compete but WIN!

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In this high energy and informative episode Adam DeGraide interviews Bob Tasca 3. Bob shares the story of how his families automotive business went from a single point dealership in Seekonk, MA to one of the largest auto groups in the USA. This is part one of the can't miss two part series of David Vs Goliath Podcast. If you are not fired up after watching this I'm not to sure what would fire you up as a business owner.

Meet The Host

Adam DeGraide

Adam DeGraide is a seasoned veteran internet marketer, software designer and music producer. Having built 4 successful businesses serving many different verticals, Adam is among the elite few who can claim that they have served over 4,200 small businesses and built companies with enterprise values in excess of 250 million dollars. Adam is also a 3 times INC 500 recipient and has been featured in many interviews and articles in various markets throughout the years. Adam has a passion for small business and loves helping others achieve their dreams and their goals. Adam is an Entrepreneur, Sales and Motivational Speaker and an expert in Digital Marketing. Adam is also the proud father of 4 amazing children and husband to his beautiful wife Krystle.

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We are always looking for new and creative ways to educate, inspire, and share success stories throughout the small business community. Do you think you would be a compelling guest on David Vs Goliath Podcast? Do you have an interesting topic you would like to share with our global network of avid listeners? Do you have real world examples of how your business has not only competed but won business from your larger competitors? Does your business leverage technology and marketing at a high level? Do you have a unique origin story or history of your business? These are all important factors in deciding who we interview on the podcast. We love small business and have a passion to serve the small business world at the highest level. All of us at David vs Goliath Podcast look forward to getting to know you and your business better. We look forward to hearing your story. You can apply by filling out this form. Have a great day!

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